The Office of Integrity and Ethical Development, a division of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, specializes in the promotion of individual responsibility and personal development. Programs are designed to develop awareness toward integrity, ethical decision-making, conflict resolution, and civility. Services include coaching sessions and outreach workshops. These services are designed to provide students (undergraduate and graduate) with the college life skills necessary for academic and personal success at UCF. Through fundamental teachings and education, we can demonstrate a commitment to the values associated with the UCF Creed.


  1. Assist members of the UCF community in developing a skill set of ethical practices associated with decision making, problem solving, communication with others, and professional behavior.
  2. Create a place where members of the UCF community can have open dialog about facing issues and circumstances where questions of one’s ethics and integrity are being tested.

Honors & Recognitions

Received Outstanding Collaborative Effort Award from Student Development and Enrollment Services for Civitas Campaign in 2010

Recognized from Office of Diversity Initiatives for our vision, inspiration, and leadership in creating a more inclusive UCF Community during Diversity week in 2010

Received the International Center for Academic Integrity 2016 Campus Integrity Award