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Integrity and Ethical Development

There are times in our lives when choices and decisions we have made might need to be explained to others. These individuals did not know us before, did not know us during, and did not know us after, but the story itself stills needs to be told.

This is an exercise in telling one’s story with grace, dignity, and respect, without judgement or criticism.

The Office of Integrity and Ethical Development wants to support you through this process.

Again, this is an educational exercise in developing conscious thought, reflective accountability of one’s choices, owning one’s mistakes, and presenting who you truly are today.

Today, many graduate programs have an academic integrity question on their applications for admission.

This exercise is an opportunity for you to tell your story and start to become comfortable with explaining your mistake.

Once you complete the following exercise, your work will be sent directly to the Director of Integrity and Ethical Development for review. We will send you feedback accordingly.

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