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Integrity and Ethical Development
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The Office of Integrity and Ethical Development serves as a place for students to complete educational sanctions and mandatory requirements as determined by the UCF community. Partners include the Office of Student Conduct (OSC), Housing and Residence Life (HRL), Office of Student Involvement (OSI), Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL), Professors/Instructors of both online and face-to-face courses, and staff members.

Our approach to working with students:

  • Our approach is to support students through their educational sanctions by focusing on encouragement, motivation, empowerment, and resolution.

  • We focus on where students are now since their incident and how we can support students in moving forward.

  • Being required to connect with our office is not an indication that a student is lacking integrity or displaying unethical behavior. It is to connect with helpful and compassionate individuals who will guide and assist students through their experience, bring awareness of decision making strategies, concentrate on processing future actions, and develop an understanding of campus culture.

  • We have been responsible for creating, implementing, and facilitating these educational sanctions for many years now and the majority of students will leave one of our workshops, seminars, and/or coaching sessions saying “This was not as bad as I thought it would be.”

  • All of these workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions are facilitated by Integrity and Ethical Development staff members.

Other information about our educational sanctions:

  • We record dates and times of all appointments with students. Students will receive documentation regarding their participation in any of our sanctioning services.

  • What we speak about with students, stays with us. We will not write reports or summaries about any conversations we have with students unless agreed upon prior to the student completing the sanction.

  • Any component of our sanction services which requires a coaching session can be completed face-to-face, via Skype, and/or on the phone.

  • Appointment reminders for all sanctioning services are sent to student’s Knights email accounts.

  • These sanctions can be assigned by those associated with Regional Campuses, Rosen College, UCF Medical School and any other department/unity associated with UCF.

Click on the sanctioning services below for more information.

Excellence in Decision Making Seminar

  • Assignments to Complete Prior to the Seminar
  • Seminar Schedule
  • Registration for an Upcoming Seminar

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

  • Assignments to Complete Prior to the Coaching Session
  • How to Schedule a Session

Academic Integrity Seminar & Coaching Session

  • Online Academic Integrity Seminar Information
  • How to Schedule a Follow-Up Coaching Session

Academic Integrity Workshops

  • Assignments to Complete Prior to the Workshop
  • Workshop Schedule
  • Registration for an Upcoming Workshop

Guest Speaker at Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Meetings

  • Outline of Sanction Requirements
  • Schedule a Guest Speaker Date & Time

Telling Your Story Exercise

Academic Integrity Workshop - Computer Science Classes

  • Exercises to Complete Prior to the Workshop
  • Workshop Schedule
  • Registration for an Upcoming Workshop

Reality of Perfectionism – Exercises in How NOT to be Perfect

Action Plan

  • Purpose & Components
  • Example & Testimonials
  • Intake Form & Evaluation Survey