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Integrity and Ethical Development

The Office of Integrity and Ethical Development offers the UCF Community a series of workshops specifically aimed at providing students (undergraduate and graduate) with College Life Skills necessary to navigate a collegiate experience.

Topics range from Academic Integrity to Professionalism to Conflict Resolution.

For example:

  • How to send a professional email to your professors through our Email Etiquette workshop
  • How to protect yourself from committing academic misconduct through our Academic Integrity workshop
  • How to establish a reputation both inside and outside the classroom at UCF through our Reputation Building workshop
  • How to co-exist with roommates through our Creating a Peaceful Living Space with Others workshop

What can you expect from a College Life Skills Workshop?

  • Timely, reality based, intentional skill based learning. Our goal is for you to incorporate something new into your tool kit and/or learn of another strategy to approach your college experience.
  • All of our workshops are facilitated by a staff members associated with the office of Integrity and Ethical Development in an informal, safe, atmosphere to allow for students to ask critical questions, able to express points of view with dignity, and share related experience to assist others.
  • An overview of topic is presented, 3 to 4 suggestions are provided of how to take the material presented and apply it to daily practices, and time left for questions, debate, and sharing of experiences.
  • Power point presentation is provided, along with information about our office’s programs and services, a handout to correspond with the topic, and of course, great free promotional items for use throughout the semester.
  • These 60 minute workshops are open to all UCF students and no RSVP is needed. Just show up and consider bringing a friend.
  • Freshmen receive LINK points for attending any and all of our workshops.
  • Documentation of attendance is taken at all workshops to provide if necessary, evidence of your participation.
  • If you are in need of completing a reflection paper or summary of the topic, we will provide enough information to make it a successful submission.

Semester Schedule - Click here to download the 2016 Summer College Life Skills Workshop Series.

I can’t attend the workshop. How can I get the information presented?

  • Our office can provide a one-on-one coaching session on the topic of the workshop. It will be as if you were there but in a smaller, private, setting.
  • Coaching sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes in length.
  • You will still be provided with the power point, corresponding handout, and even a promotional item.
  • A coaching session can be documented as well. We will need prior approval from a representative of a department, advisor, professor, etc. to allow such a coaching session to count as a program requirement or extra credit for a class. Coaching sessions which correspond to our workshop series cannot count for LINK points or as an impact event.
  • If you live off-campus or are a distance learner, we can provide one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype.
  • Call our office at 407-823-3477 and the student assistant who answers the phone has access to staff calendars and can schedule a coaching session via in person or Skype.
  • Handouts on our workshop topics can be found on our website under resources.
  • Freshmen cannot earn LINK points through participation in a coaching session.

Request an Integrity and Ethics Workshop Presentation

Consider having the office of Integrity and Ethical Development present a workshop on professionalism, academic integrity, or conflict resolution to a UCF Class, at a student organizational membership meeting, as a part of a leadership retreat, or during a student training session.

We have presented to the following groups in the past:

  • Ethical Decision Making – New RA Staff Training
  • Professionalism and Reputation Building – UCF Hospitality Courses
  • Clarifying Values – Office of Student Involvement Leadership Training
  • How to Communicate with Professors – Honor College Students
  • The Courage to Choose – Ethical Decision Making – Fraternities and Sororities
  • Developing Conflict Resolution Skills – Peer Mentors
  • Creating a Peaceful Living Space with Others – Residents in Housing and Residence Life
  • The Art of Email Etiquette – Business Fraternity

Need an idea? Click here to review over 30 workshop topics for some inspiration.

What can you expect from an Integrity and Ethical Development presentation?

  • Timely, reality based, intentional skill based learning. Our goal is for you to incorporate something new into your tool kit and/or learn of another strategy to approach your college experience.
  • All of our workshops are facilitated by a staff members associated with the office of Integrity and Ethical Development in an informal but structured format.
    • We can customize a topic for a specific audience to make the presentation purposeful, informative, and comprehensive.
    • Workshop can 60 minutes, 90 minutes, one hour, two hours, etc. Whatever time frame necessary to allow for learning to occur, we will present.
    • It can be for a staff of 5, a student organization of 25, a Greek Life chapter meeting of 90 or a class of 275. The number in attendance does not matter to us. Just the message you want conveyed.
    • We are available to present after 5:00 pm and on the weekend as our calendars will allow.
    • We will travel to off-campus apartment complexes, to UCF Regional Campuses, to the Rosen Campus, and to the College of Medicine Campus.
    • We appreciate at least a two week notice in scheduling a presentation but will always check calendars in regards to any date and time submitted.

Click here to complete our on-line Request a Workshop form.

So Attention..

  • UCF Faculty! Don’t cancel class. Have us come to your class and present on a topic associated with professionalism, integrity & ethics, and/or conflict resolution.
  • Housing and Residence Life! Consider us for an academic outreach program to the residents of your complex. You provide the food and the audience and we will provide an interactive presentation on skills students can use starting the very next day.
  • Student Organizations & Leadership Teams! Partner with us to participate in your next retreat, officer meeting, or membership meeting.
  • Fraternities and Sororities! Let us support you in reaching your chapter goals. We understand most chapter meetings are on frequently scheduled on Sunday nights. Not an issue, submit a workshop request and we will check our calendar.
  • Apartment Complexes! We are available to assist UCF students with conflict associated with roommate living. We can present a workshop out by the pool or in the game room of a complex.