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Integrity and Ethical Development

student coaching session

An Integrity and Ethical Development Coaching Session is a safe place for a student to discuss experiences related to challenges faced during their time at UCF.

These challenges could be incidents with other UCF Knights through:

  • social media
  • being roommates
  • working within a group associated with a class project
  • working within a student organization
  • being a member of a fraternity or sorority
  • an on-campus job

These challenges could include aspects of:

  • pressures associated with expectations (self, family, peer group)
  • confrontations associated with frustrations and anger
  • being disrespected and needing retribution
  • conflict between another person, a group, within a family unit

These experiences might have led to:

  • inappropriate behavior
  • bad decisions
  • poor grades
  • lost friends/relationships
  • not being proud of one’s actions
  • consequences associated with violations of the Golden Rule

Integrity and Ethical Development Coaching Sessions are Structured to Assist Students with:

  • establishing or solidifying one’s value system and moral compass
  • gaining confidence in one’s ability to process decisions associated with ethical dilemmas
  • vocabulary, word choice, and sentences to use when faced with conflict
  • strategies of how to rebound from an experience and continue to achieve academic an personal goals
  • working through a problem in generating options, talking through best/worst case scenarios, with the student being empowered to make the final decision
  • telling one’s story with grace, dignity, pride, and self-respect

Parameters of an Integrity and Ethical Development Coaching Session:

  • We ask for coaching sessions to be scheduled for 90 minutes.
  • Honesty is cornerstone of the session. We will not allow you to lose your dignity in process of revealing your truth.
  • This will be in a conversational style. No assessments, inventories, or surveys will be conducted. Participation in session dialog and activities will be appreciated.
  • Communication between student and IED staff is confidential unless the IED staff member needs support from campus resources to assist the student with their experience. The student will be a part of the conversation if additional partners and support is needed.

Parameters of an Integrity and Ethical Development Coaching Session:

  • Call the office at 407-823-3477. The student assistant who answers the phone has access to staff calendars and can schedule an appointment.
  • Skype appointments are available for on-line, distant learners, or students who are currently geographically away from the UCF area.