Academic Integrity Seminar & Coaching Session with Integrity & Ethical Development

Academic Integrity Seminar Information:

  • The Office of Integrity and Ethical Development has parterned with an online Academic Integrity Seminar directed by Dr. Gary Pavela.
  • We have been using this online seminar since the Fall of 2013 with great results and favorable responses by UCF students who have participated.
  • This online seminar in applied ethics is modeled from honors courses taught at several leading universities. It is designed to be engaging and challenging.
  • You will receive personal attention and individualized responses from the online staff member associated with the seminar. All email correspondence between UCF students and those associated with the online seminar are copied to the Director of Integrity and Ethical Development.
  • Many students complete the seminar over one weekend, but it is recommended to start with the readings immediately.

Access to online Academic Integrity Seminar:

  • Send an email to Dr. Gary Pavela.
  • Put in the subject line: Access to Academic Integrity Seminar – UCF.
  • Put in the body of the message: First and Last Name and acknowledge that you are a University of Central Florida student requesting access to the online academic integrity seminar.
  • Students receive within 3 business days detailed instructions and a set of readings (all available online) to complete.
  • Below are comments from UCF Knights who have participated in this seminar:
    • “I have learned so much about myself through this seminar. Going through what I have been, this seminar allowed me to reflect on many things, and for that, I am forever grateful. I now feel stronger than ever, and I am going to take all that this seminar has taught me and let that light shine all throughout my life. We all make mistakes, mistakes that we must learn from. This seminar has helped me grow tremendously, and has made me realize what it is we must focus on to be the best version of ourselves.”
    • “I expected this seminar to be more of a punishment for the mistake I made, but as I completed the assignments I came to see it as an opportunity for reflection. I left with a better understanding for why I made the decision to plagiarize, and, although it was a disservice to me, this mistake does not define me. Again, thank you for a thought-provoking seminar, I got much more from it than I thought I would. I am happy that you found my responses satisfactory- I look forward to exploring the sources you provided!”
    • “Thank you for the feedback as well as all your help getting through it as quickly as you did, I truly appreciate it. Your seminar was very enlightening and quite honestly a lot more enjoyable than I had anticipated. From the film, to the gratitude statements, this was far from the experience that I thought I would see and I found it very helpful in my recovery process and much more constructive than I expected. So thank you for expertly crafting such a seminar. I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed it, it didn’t feel tedious or unnecessary and I saw with each exercise the value of it quite clearly, which I think was a large part of what made it so enjoyable.”

Cost for the online Academic Integrity Seminar

  • There is a $100.00 fee associated with seminar.
  • Students do not have to pay in advance for the seminar in order to gain access and begin working on the assignments.
  • Payment does have to be made prior to the completion of seminar. The office of Integrity and Ethical Development will not receive students work until payment of the seminar has been accepted by those associated with the academic integrity seminar.
  • Please contact the Director of Integrity and Ethical Development if you have any questions or concerns regarding payment of the seminar.

Follow-Up Coaching Session After Completion of the Academic Integrity Seminar

  • The office of Integrity and Ethical Development must receive the student’s work from an academic integrity seminar staff person prior to scheduling a follow-up coaching session.
  • The office of Integrity and Ethical Development will email students to their Knights account upon receiving their completed work to alert them to schedule a one-on-one coaching session.
  • Call our office at 407-823-3477. The person who answers the phone has access to staff calendars and can schedule an appointment.
  • Students will receive an email confirmation to their Knights account prior to their scheduled coaching session with a reminder of the date and time, list of things to bring to the session, and directions to our office.
  • We cannot accommodate same day appointments. We need to have at least one day to prepare for the session.
  • If a student has a deadline in which to complete this coaching session by, we will work with the student in documenting a schedule appointment even if it is pass a deadline.
  • Coaching session are 90 minutes in length. Students will be expected to commit to the full 90 minutes scheduled.
  • Skype: If a student is attending a regional campus, an online/distant learner, or lives more than one hour away from the main campus of UCF, our office can complete a coaching session via Skype.

Purpose of Follow-Up Coaching Sessions:

  • An Integrity and Ethical Development Coaching Session is a safe place for a student to discuss experiences related to challenges faced during their time at UCF.
  • Our coaching sessions are structured to assist students with
    • establishing or solidifying one’s value system and moral compass.
    • gaining confidence in one’s ability to process decisions associated with ethical dilemmas.
    • strategies of how to rebound from an experience and continue to achieve academic an personal goals.
    • telling one’s story with grace, dignity, pride, and self-respect.
  • The student’s work from the onlin academic integrity seminar will be reviewed and discussed in an attempt to bring closure to this experience.