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Integrity and Ethical Development

This 5 minute video provides many reflections from UCF students, faculty, and staff regarding the 5 tenets which embody the UCF Creed. This video can be used as a catalyst for discussion regarding values associated with integrity, scholarship, community, creativity, and excellence. Discussions associated with the values of the UCF Creed are encouraged and can be facilitated in many setting throughout UCF:

  • In the classroom to emphasize expectations, goals, and the purpose of a higher education

  • In a student organizational meeting to establish expectations associated with behaviors of leaders and its members

  • In a fraternity or sorority meeting to define the reputation of the organization associated with values such as the tenets of the Creed

  • In any type of group setting where common goals are to demonstrate integrity, scholarship, community, creativity, and excellence

We can assist with such a discussion creating an honest dialog associated with ethical behavior. Please visit the workshop page to request a workshop on the UCF Creed, Integrity and Ethics, Professionalism, and other related topics.


  1. Watch the UCF Creed Video (running time of 5 minutes). It is recommended that you take notes while watching the video.

  2. Complete the UCF Creed On-Line Assignment

    • Review faculty/advisor names, departments, and organizations associated with the drop down arrow if you need to let someone know you successfully completed this assignment

    • IED will keep all assignments for documentation and assessment purposes only

    • If you have any difficulty in completing the assignment, please contact us.