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Integrity and Ethical Development

"The Conversation" is a 60 minute interactive, informal and fun exercise for roommates to create a living atmosphere of respect, civility, fairness, and open communication.


  • Great opportunity for roommates who are getting along really well to have some fun to continue promoting a living space of respect and open communication.

  • Excellent opportunity for roommates who have just started living with each other to break the ice with conversation beyond “Where are you from and what is your major?”.

  • Important opportunity for roommates who are struggling and need to establish boundaries, discuss responsibilities, and develop forms of communicating with respect and civility.

Roommates who complete this exercise will receive give‐aways that will be provided to continue to promote a healthy living space for all who live there.


IED staff is available to facilitate a “Conversation” between 9:00 am ‐ 9:00 pm Monday through Friday. "The Conversation" is available to UCF Knights living on or off campus, in affiliated or non-affiliated housing complexes.

For Residence Assistants (RA) or Housing Personnel

This exercise can be used as a method of completing a roommate agreement. If you are interested in co‐facilitating a conversation exercise with your residence, please email the IED Director, Jennifer Wright at or call the office at 407-823-3477.