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Integrity and Ethical Development

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Action Plan Purpose

The Action Plan is designed to assist students with strengthening their values and ethical standards, provide an opportunity to discover how choices can impact one’s future, and help students develop an awareness of personal advocacy. The Action Plan allows students to participate in personal and professional development activities while maintaining a connection to UCF throughout their suspension period.

A student’s Action Plan will be tailored to address circumstances surrounding the violation(s) of academic misconduct. More importantly, the Action Plan will assist students in moving forward from their experience so that they may fulfil their academic and personal goals. The first step towards completing an Action Plan is meeting with the Office of Integrity and Ethical Development for a 90-minute coaching session to design the components of the plan.

The goal is to have each component of the Action Plan completed by the end of the student’s suspension period so that upon returning to campus the student’s educational sanctions are entirely fulfilled.

This educational sanction has been in place since the summer of 2014. To date 34 students have completed an action plan. 33/34 (97%) of the students returned to UCF following their suspension period. Many of these students have graduated from UCF and are currently pursuing graduate degrees and working in the field of their major.

The components of an Action Plan are comprised of a variety of tasks and activities. Components can include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer Hours
  • Article and Book Reviews
  • TED Talks
  • Resume Review with Career Services
  • Reflection Essays
  • Meeting with Academic Advisor
  • Online Academic Integrity Seminar
  • Time Management Inventories
  • Leadership Assessments

Click here to view an example of an Action Plan.

“I found that the Action Plan helped me get a grasp on my sanctions so that I was able to accomplish them effectively. I sat down with Ms. Wright and we walked through the entire incident and figured out what went wrong and how it all happened. We then came up with a plan we both believed would not only make things right but would also help me grow as a person. I think the Action Plan allowed me to constructively complete my sanctions and actually grow as both a person and a Knight.” – UCF Knight

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